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Project Name:
Sport360X - Sports Industry Award
Service Type:
Corporate Event
United Arab Emirates
The Sports Industry Awards (SPIA) series is the official platform dedicated to celebrating excellence in the realm of sports within the region. It acknowledges and honors leaders, decision-makers, organizations, facilities, and campaigns that have made significant contributions to the advancement of sports.

This narrative of success aligns with the core values of major sports, emphasizing teamwork, professionalism, and business acumen. The sports industry's visionary leadership and strategic approaches have consistently propelled the region ahead, setting new standards that command admiration on the global sporting stage. Approaching its tenth anniversary in 2023, SPIA stands as a testament to its unwavering commitment to recognizing the remarkable achievements of the Middle East's sporting industry.

Over the past decade, SPIA has played a pivotal role in acknowledging and rewarding excellence across a diverse spectrum of sporting segments, establishing itself as a beacon of accomplishment and recognition within the regional sports landscape.