The Brief

Sport360 produced a three-part video series with supporting social media graphics featuring football influencer Amr Nassouhy.
The first video sees the 10 members of the Phantom Squad displaying their footballing skills. With dozens of polaroid images of the players hung in a
dark room, Amr makes his selection by placing a white triangle over the 10 players.
The second video sees Amr Nassouhy and a selection of the Phantom Squad arriving at a football pitch, where their complete Phantom kit is ready as well. Jumping into their Phantom kits and ready to play, the squad take on another team in a 5 a-side match.
The third video sees an exclusive interview filmed with UAE football star Omar Abdul Rahman. The interview revolves around the Phantom boot launch, as well as Omar’s career highlights and future plans.

The Campaign

The first two videos were hosted across all Sport360’s social media platforms while the third video was hosted across the Arabic platforms.
In addition, 15-second teaser clips were created for each video and posted across Sport360’s social media platforms.
To support the videos across social media, a set of graphics were created for each member of the Phantom Squad and posted on Sport360’s social media channels with a message asking users to join the Phantom squad by heading to NIKE’s website to create the graphic of themselves and posting it on their platforms.

The underlying theme of the video is national pride as we present these heroes who have joined together to form part of a community of determined individuals.

The video was supported by social media coverage across Sport360’s Arabic and English social media channels in the lead up to National Day and a full page advertorial in Sport360’s newspaper.


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