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Project Name:
Sport360X - Etisalat Cycling Festival
Service Type:
Sports Festival
United Arab Emirates

The Etisalat Cycling Festival was a meticulously planned, community-driven recreational cycling event initiated by the Abu Dhabi Sports Council.

Designed as a free, non-competitive and untimed family day out, this unique one-day experience invited participants to safely explore the streets of Abu Dhabi. Beyond providing an enjoyable outing, the festival aimed to promote health and wellness while introducing the diverse benefits of cycling to the local community.

Open to the public at no cost, the event facilitated bike rentals for those without their own bicycles. Along the route, interactive zones offered engaging experiences, and a family festival village provided a lively atmosphere with numerous activities, food options and games for both participants and spectators alike.

The Etisalat Cycling Festival was more than just a cycling event; it successfully cultivated a sense of community, health consciousness and an appreciation for a vibrant and active lifestyle among the people of Abu Dhabi.