The Brief

Emirates NBD are greatly supportive of people of determination in the United Arab Emirates. They wished to promote their vision for a world where there are no barriers for people of determination to achieve the same dreams and potential as everyone. Furthermore, Emirates NBD sought to tie their involvement with this community into a celebration of the country’s 46th National Day.

The Campaign

Engage360 produced a 60 second video showcasing Emirati athletes who have represented their country at an international level, including the Paralympics, at the Dubai Club for the Determined. These athletes describe what it means to represent their country, what being a UAE citizen and what National Day means to them.

The underlying theme of the video is national pride as we present these heroes who have joined together to form part of a community of determined individuals.

The video was supported by social media coverage across Sport360’s Arabic and English social media channels in the lead up to National Day and a full page advertorial in Sport360’s newspaper.


Branded Content