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Project Name:
Sport360X - Beach Run Festival
Service Type:
Sports Festival
United Arab Emirates

The Beach Run Festival stands out as a unique, annual event in the UAE, drawing thousands of participants together for seven years.

With each passing year, its popularity continues to soar, attracting both professional/amateur runners, families and children. The festival goes beyond just running; it features four diverse sports—Beach Basketball, Beach Football, Beach Volleyball, and Beach Tennis.

Attracting major and well-known companies as sponsors for the event is a key element. In return for their sponsorship, they receive significant exposure.

These sponsors actively contribute to the festival's allure, playing a crucial role in its success and contributing to its growth and reach.

Moreover, the Beach Run Festival consistently takes place on Kite Beach Dubai, a pivotal location in the heart of the city. This iconic setting enhances the festival's appeal, making it a must-attend event.